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The National Procurement Awards offers a unique opportunity to benchmark your work against the industry, to get national recognition, and to network with hundreds of key figures in the procurement profession, including current and potential clients and top talent in the procurement space. But don't just take our word for it; read some of the thoughts of our past entrants, sponsors and judges below.

“Clearly this is not an award just for me, this is for all the wonderful people who’ve worked with me or for me in teams and supported the journey we’ve been on. I’m only as good as the great people behind me.”

Eavan O’Haloran

Procurement Leader 2018 recipient


“This award is very much about us demonstrating our expertise, our professionalism and our ability to be excellent in education in terms of procurement. As we see ourselves, we are the sector hub for education, so we’re providing that service to all of education. So, it’s very important that we’re able to demonstrate that we are excellent in what we do.”

Philip Gurnett, Education Procurement Service
Procurement Team of the Year & Best People Development Initiative 2018 winner

“We have strong visibility in the procurement market at the moment and for us to present the awards and sponsor the awards here at the National Procurement Awards tonight can only add to our brand recognition. This has been a fantastic opportunity for us for networking with all our potential clients, customers and candidates. The face to face, you can’t beat it.”

Ann-Marie Fox, Business Director, Hays 2018 sponsor


“In terms of credibility for a company as well I think the fact that you can point to the fact that you won an award at a such prestigious event like this says a lot about your company. It says a lot about your company’s attitude and your level of professionalism. It is fantastic exposure, not just in the press coverage that the event receives, but in terms of just being able to demonstrate to your peers who are also attending the event. It’s a great boost for brand recognition for any company.”

Sean O’Dwyer, President, IIPMM


“Within our Pfizer organisation it is one of the few external awards that is recognised within Pfizer globally; Pfizer Global Procurement globally; So, for us it’s a very prestigious award.”

Kevin Cronin, Pfizer

Winners of Overall Excellence in Procurement, Best Cross Function Collaboration Project of the Year & Innovation Award in 2017 winner

“I was absolutely amazed that we were actually successful. It’s down to the dedication of the team over the last five years and I think tonight is a great reward for us as a whole. It’s all about your team and it’s getting the right people on the bus and I believe in that; I’ve the right people on the bus doing the right jobs.”

Mike Dodd, An Garda Síochána
Overall Excellence in Procurement & Green Procurement Project of the Year 2018 winner


“We met loads of people we haven’t met in a long time; we’ve met people that we do business with on a regular basis and it’s a real opportunity to socialise with colleagues and professionals in our industry. Every job and every service delivered in the public sector has public procurement underpinning it and it’s really important to acknowledge all the work that the officials do in the public sector, that’s why we get involved in this award ceremony.”

Jeanne Copeland, CEO, Greenville Procurement Partners 2018 sponsor


“We’ve had a great night tonight: it brings the peers throughout the procurement industry in Ireland together, it allows us to celebrate together. In relation to the initiatives undertaken by each of our teams, it was great excitement there. A lot of people worked very hard in order to achieve the objectives and land the awards. So, it was fantastic and we’re very, very excited.”

Donal Townley, Ornua Co-operative
Innovation Award & Best Procurement External Collaboration Project of the Year 2018 winner

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