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How to Enter


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All entrants must submit a document of no more than 5 A4 pages that covers the key criteria set out for the category they are entering.

Before making your submission, please read the terms and conditions and ensure the following:

  • All activities cited in support of your entries must have been on-going within the past 12 months.

  • The entering party has to be a resident in the ROI or NI and the projects that support their entry have to have taken place in these areas unless stated otherwise in the criteria.

  • Make sure you focus on good hard information, backed up by solid facts and figures.

Submitting your entry:

Before making your submission, please ensure the following:

Items Checklist  ✔

Items for Adjudication purposes:​


  1. Entry Document: You must submit a 5 A4 page (MAX) PDF document, which must include ALL supporting materials, like graphs, testimonials etc. You will not need to include a cover page. This PDF must be in Portrait format.


Items for Event Production purposes:

  1. 50 word entry summary (300 characters MAX): Summary of your entry written in the 3rd person. This will be used in the Awards' event guide.

  2. A high-quality JPEG version of your organisation logo (at least 300dpi). Used for the Awards' AV presentation.

Maximum File Size: All files must be no more than 8 MB per item.

Step-by-Step Guide


To submit your entry, please select the category that you wish to enter here and follow these steps:


Page 1: Entrant Details

Online Entry Form: Your contact details, organisation information and project information and your 50 word entry summary are required here.



Page 2: Your Entry Document & Logo

  • Upload your 5 A4 page PDF entry document here.

  • Please note that your entry document must be less than 8MB and in PDF format, otherwise the system will not allow you to continue.

  • Please also upload your organisation logo in JPG format. Max file size is 8MB.

Page 3: Terms and Conditions

  • You will also be asked to accept the Awards' Terms and Conditions; please note that by doing so that you agree to send at least 1 representative to the Awards night should your organisation be shortlisted.


Page 4: Your Entry Reference

​This page confirms that your entry has been received and you will receive an email confirming same.

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