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Michael O’Callaghan

Michael O’Callaghan

Director, IPICS The Supply Chain Management Institute

Michael O’Callaghan

Michael is a Supply Chain Training Consultant and Instructor, and also works as a contract SAP Applications Consultant and SAP Trainer. Michael is a Director of IPICS The Supply Chain Management Institute and is a member of the Logistics and Supply Chain Skills Group chaired by the Department of Transport.

Michael is an APICS Master Instructor and provides supply chain instruction on online public courses, online company courses, and online blended learning for APICS Certifications in CPIM, CSCP, CLTD, and Foundations of Supply Chain Management for IPICS The Supply Chain Management Institute. Michael is a Subject Matter Expert (SME) for the APICS CPIM.

Michael is a certified trainer for The Fresh Connection (TFC) business simulation system, The Cool Connection (TCC) financial supply chain learning experience, and The Blue Connection (TBC) transforming a linear value chain into a circular one. Michael uses the TFC, TCC and TBC as enhanced learning tools in the provision of supply chain training and certification courses.

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