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Ingrid De Doncker

Ingrid De Doncker

Head of Research, Future Planet, CEO, IDDEA

Ingrid De Doncker

Ingrid De Doncker is head of Research and Innovation at Future Planet whose mission is to equip people and companies to do right by the planet and each other as they continue their journey of commercial growth. Future Planet is an AI software platform, infused with sustainability knowledge, and embeds collaboration across material topics to achieve sustainable growth.

Ingrid is also CEO of IDDEA. IDDEA is in the business of procurement to help customers buy better through strategy design, governance frameworks, tender management, and people development.

Ingrid has over 20 years of procurement experience and is passionate about elevating the voice and impact of sustainable procurement decisions. Ingrid lecture sustainable procurement and supply chain modules at various universities and colleges to enhance the capabilities and capacity of the procurement professionals.

She is founder of the Procurement Transformation Institute (PTI), a non-for profit that aims to elevate the Procurement Profession for Growth through education, training, and Community engagement. PTI is actively involved in EU Commission Initiatives to improve Innovation, Sustainability and capacity building through procurement.

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